Function: To separate large parts of irons with high intensity from gravity flow material using magnetic plate and gravimetric technology.

Linux Magnetics, renowned for the best in class solution associated with ferrous part removal, is actually continuing to prove its expertise in the allied forte by introducing cutting edge technology based magnetic plate separators for metal, high intensity magnetic plate separator is amidst one. The utilization of stainless steel casing in the construction of the high-intensity magnetic plate separator ensures improved scaling and excellent resistance to corrosion.

Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator

This high-intensity magnetic plate separator is made with an objective to deliver high efficiency fine iron recovery and paramagnetic ore capitalization, thus amplify the extraction of ferrous particles from the under process material. This high-intensity magnetic plate separator is designed to complement rectangular and S shape pipes to ensure a complete flow of material circulating under the magnetic field, hence separate the ferrous particles efficaciously. This magnetic plate separates iron particles manually too, and therefore is broadly accepted in small scale as well as large scale industries.

Take notice:

We as a hump magnet based magnetic plate separator for metal manufacturer, supplier and exporter make available these magnetic plates in both flat and curved shapes, which is ideal to install easily in rectangular, round, vertical and even in sloping chutes. Further, in order to locate on the conveyor ideally, these magnetic plates are available with hinge, handle and mounting hole too.