Function: To remove large pieces of tramp iron from the freely falling material using magnetic plates and gravimetric technology.

Linux Magnetics is a prominent name in several industries for providing best in class quality magnetic plate separator that pledge for the absolute removal of iron tramps from the solid products or dust. Employment of the proved manufacturing process and stringent inspection all through the manufacturing process and following help evolve an elite version of the magnetic plate separator that is broadly acknowledged for its efficiency and high magnetic strength.

Other than adherence to quality process and materials, the specific configuration of this magnetic field separator plays identical role in ensuring the absolute eradication of tramp iron from processing material, wherein the angle design shape of the magnetic plate separator imposes material to flow straight into the magnetic field, hence help avert from bridging too. The offered magnetic plate separator for solid is available in an extensive range, can be mounted on the processing machine and is featured with easy cleaning trait.

Take notice:

We as a hump magnet based magnetic plate separator for metal manufacturer, supplier and exporter make available these magnetic plates in both flat and curved shapes, which is ideal to install easily in rectangular, round, vertical and even in sloping chutes. Further, in order to locate on the conveyor ideally, these magnetic plates are available with hinge, handle and mounting hole too.

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