Function: To separate fined iron particles at the feed from oil, food, flour, chemical factories to ensure metal free food products on the shelf.

Linux Magnetics is specialized in manufacturing miscellaneous types of qualitative magnetic plate separators competent to completely eliminate fined metal tramps from processing food, which perhaps pose a safety risk if not removed absolutely aligned with hoist the possibilities to damage processing machinery. This magnetic plate separator for the food industry is developed under strict examination of the quality professionals to ensure conformity of the end product with outlined quality standards and available in different specification also to exactly comply with the consumer requirements.

This magnetic plate separator unit combines finest quality rare magnets attributing utmost temperature resistance & the greatest magnetic strength, housing in exemplary quality stainless steel attributing excellent corrosion resistance & long shelf life. The configuration is focused to ensure smooth application and thereby integrated with handcuffs and flanges help mount effortlessly to the respective place. The pneumatic control is also available on request, which is convenient for large quantity of granules and powder.

Take notice:

We as a magnetic plate separator for metal manufacturer, supplier and exporter make available these magnetic plates in both flat and curved shapes, which is ideal to install either above or along the passage of material flow. Further, in order to locate on the conveyor ideally, these magnetic plates are available with hinge, handle and mounting hole too.

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