Function: To eradicate iron particles from the non-metallic minerals covering limonite, ore, manganese, specularite, hematite and other analogous products with the help of magnetic plates.

Linux Magnetics is a renowned name in several industries for providing nonpareil solutions in terms of magnetic plate separators, introducing top of the line magnetic plate separator has proven its aptitude to remarkably take off the iron particles from the quartz sand and proffer absolutely pure version of the quartz sand. This magnetic plate separator is ideal to eradicate small to large sized iron tramps from the quartz sand considerably at a low power consumption rate.

This magnetic plate separator for quartz sand is made employing rare earth magnets, whereas to impart maximum resistance to corrosion, finest quality stainless steel material is used for housing. The offered magnetic plate separator is able to function as small plate magnets as well as large magnetic holder as per the application requirement and is available in different specification to comply with the application needs. The entire range is in accordance to set international standards and has acclaimed by the industries associated with quartz sand processing for efficient functioning and improving the quality of the non metallic minerals up to the mark.

Take notice:

We as a magnetic plate separator for metal manufacturer, supplier and exporter make available these magnetic plates in both flat and curved shapes, which is ideal to install either above or along the passage of material flow. Further, in order to locate on the conveyor ideally, these magnetic plates are available with hinge, handle and mounting hole too.

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