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With the splendid success in the magnetic plate separator, we as a manufacture, supplier and exporter introduce another iron separation approach in terms of the magnetic drum separator. This magnetic drum separators is renowned in the industries for its delivering outstanding results through absolutely eliminating metal particles of the size below 3mm from any type of free flowing material.

The use of this type magnetic drum separatorPlate Magnet India eliminates the need of the manned and ultimately decreases the expense of the respective industry. As this magnetic separator is made employing cutting edge technology and employing proven quality magnets, is extremely efficient in abolishing powdery size of iron particles from the powdered ore and other analogous products. Rugged construction, high quality, long life expectancy and high performance are some advantages that one can avail by investing in our magnetic drum separator.

Our cautiousness and dedication towards its quality and testing is what promote us to bring out the best possible version of the magnetic drum separator india, a separator that holds highest quality standards and ensures impeccable operation. We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of such a highly engineered magnetic drum separator suggest it for removing small powdery particles from magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore, ilmenite and other materials, non-metallic minerals, building materials and other materials.

Working principle of the magnetic drum separator:

The offered magnetic drum separators employ a fixed magnetic core within a rotating outer shell. As the material is subjected to the drum surface, the magnetic field pulls iron particles to the rotating outer drum. The captured iron particle continually conveys to the iron discharge area, an area where due to the absence of the magnetic force, self cleaning of the iron particle occurs. This magnetic drum separator comes in a variety of sizes and options to meet your wet as well as dry application requirements including:

Single Drum Magnetic Separator

We have earned a considerable presence as a high quality magnetic drum separator, which is available in a wide variety, among single drum magnetic separator in one of the remarkable magnetic drum separator which is being used enormously in the miscellaneous industries to separate iron from the free flowing of different material. The construction of this single drum magnetic separator includes single drum magnet and hence is reckoned as single drum magnetic separator in the market.

This single drum magnetic separator accounts high quality stationary magnet inside the rotating stainless steel drum. The magnet we have used is tested on the several quality measures before integrated in the construction and thereby guaranteed for the highest magnetic strength span the life, which does not decay with the increase in temperature. This single drum magnetic separator is known in the industries for its everlasting Magnetic field across the entire width of the drum as well as performing a continuous operation with the same magnetic strength.

This single drum magnetic separator has proven its potential in the processing industry for separation of iron contamination from minerals, chemicals, food, flour, plastics, grains, sand, cement, fertilizers, abrasives, glass, slag, ores, rock, refractory and many other products. This single drum magnetic separator is available in standard specification, while customized range of the same is delighted to serve on the customer request.

Double Drum Magnetic Separator

We have become a notorious among the local as well as global market with the extremely effective range of the double drum magnetic separator. This range is designed by the highly proficient designers, adopting state of the art technology in order to deliver pleasurable results at the user end. This double drum magnetic separator is guaranteed to be greater than the other magnetic separator, thanks to its ingenious design.

This double drum magnetic separator is constructed employing world class quality magnets that do not diminish during normal use and hence is powerful for performing remarkably spans the lifetime. With the help of the outstanding strength of the magnets and designing, we have been able to deliver a range of the double drum magnetic separator that has flourished worldwide. In detail, the design allows the materials to pass through the powerful magnets twice, thereby when the material fed from the hoppers fall over the drum where the materials get attracted by the magnetic field, the process is repeats again so as no single iron particle remain in the material. This way non magnetic materials fall from the shell freely and gets departed.

This double drum magnetic separator has made huge recognition in the industries where precise elimination of the iron impurities is obligatory. We make this double drum magnetic separator available in the variety of the range to match the need of the different clientele, other than we also make a bespoke range as per the stated specification by the clientele. Both the ranges are assured to access at the industry leading rates and assured for the long life expectancy, durability, reliability and worthiness.

Wet Drum Magnetic Separator

In the industries, we are considered as the innovative manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the magnetic separator for the reason delivering effective solutions at the cost effective rates. The wet drum magnetic separator is one of them, which has been evolved with the greater care towards wet material applications.

After a profound study in regard to the wet drum magnetic separator application and requirements, our team of the engineers has developed a standardized quality wet drum separator in close co-operation with the team of designer, developer and quality analysts. This wet drum magnetic separator has built to deliver powerful magnetic strength and highest withstand capacity against heavy fluid flow, both are the irresistible benefits and hence is flourishing in the industries, and perhaps being considered as the most common magnetic separator immensely used in the industries for eliminating ferrite particles from the wet fluid. This wet drum magnetic separator is known to tolerate heavy magnetic loads and is less inclined to loss of magnetic efficiency at high feed volumes.

The reason behind such an incredible success of this wet drum magnetic separator is our stringent supervision in every phase of the manufacturing progression together with stern testing against on the end product. We provide this wet drum magnetic separator in the various specifications to meet the needs of the diverse requirements of the individual and also provide the same in the customized array as per the stated specification of the respective clientele.

Electromagnetic Drum Separator

We are distinguished in the industries for the expertise we have gained from the years of experience in the magnetic separator and by leveraging the same, we as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the magnetic separator presents electromagnetic drum separator, a wise approach when it is a matter of eliminating large sized metal scraps from the respective material. This electromagnetic drum separator as the name implies designed to operate on the electromagnetic principle.

The shell of this electromagnetic drum separator is made of the finest quality material which also boasts an aptitude to endure considerable wear all through the separation process. The design is carried out to leverage maximum from the electromagnetic field, which is produced by passing current to the coil. As this magnetic field possesses powerful and efficient magnetic field, has proven its worthiness in the eliminating large sized metal scraps from the bulk material. Further, the robustness and sturdy construction of this electromagnetic drum separator is what makes it outstanding even in the extreme conditions. The strength of the magnetic field generated by this type of drum separator remains the same and everlasting until the passing current is stopped. An additional benefit of this electromagnetic drum separator is, the strength of the magnetic field can be regulated manually.

This electromagnetic drum separator basically performs alike to the magnetic separator, wherein the material is lifted from a belt when it is subject to the magnetic field and carries it up and over the drum, releasing it on the opposite side of the drum in the separate pile for the rest of the material that simply falls off the end of the belt. This electromagnetic drum separator is integrated with the large sized drum in order to eliminate the large sized metal traps along with enduring the heavy load effectively. We have made this available in the wide array of specification, as well as also provide customized specification electromagnetic drum separator at the competitive rates worldwide.

Our Magnetic Drum Separators can be custom built for maximum efficiency and improved product output, while taking up minimal work space. At Innovative Magnetic Technologies, our experienced team will manufacture on our site to meet your exacting needs. Our application specialists have the skills and know-how to provide you with a unique product that will improve your productivity and quality for many years to come.

Inline Drum Type Magnetic Separator

We are counted among the reputed manufacturer, supplier and exporter because of our outrageous efforts towards innovation and quality and to make both aspects available at the best possible rates in the market. Our inline drum type magnetic separator is one of them, reckoned in the industries for its remarkable metal concerning solutions at the pocket friendly rates. The sagacity of ours in the field and backing of the professional team has enabled us reach the determined place in the market.

The offered inline magnetic drum separator design is entirely enclosed design to evade dusting and pollution during the operation and hence is widely popular in the food industries and pharmaceutical industries where hygiene quotient stands on the very first. Further, during designing, the special care is taken to make it absolutely compatible with any type of elevator, conveyor and other analogous equipment used for the fully automatic conveyance of the respective material. When it is about construction, the anisotropic permanent static magnet is covered with the rotating metal drum.

Both are covered with the finest quality metal structure to achieve enclosed construction with the suitable slit on any side from where material can reach to the drum. The manufacturing of inline magnetic drum separator under strict quality control and highest attention towards its dimensions has made this product absolutely superior sharing rugged construction, impeccable operation and outstanding performance. This is hugely in mining, material processing, recycling plants, pharmaceuticals, plastics, glass and ceramic industries for catering needs efficaciously.

Magnetic Drum Separator In India

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