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We have created a remarkable reputation across industries as a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter as of the nonpareil solution concerning iron contamination, taking pride to introduce over band magnetic separator that is outstandingly thriving in the market for its efficient output and drastically reduce the downtime to a minimum, unlikely consumed in manually cleaning of the other magnetic separator. Other than is also extremely popular for the nonstop removal of tramp ferrous contamination from a product stream.

The core part in the construction of this over band magnetic separator is the strength of the magnets employed and hence we as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter has utilized most powerful rate earth magnets having the capability to product considerably strong magnetic field over the conveyor belt so as can capture the iron tramps and particles accurately. As the entire operation of the iron removing is automatic, is also reckoned as the self cleaning overband magnetic separator.

The offered over band magnetic separator has tested severely against the quality standards and is applauded in the industries for the same. The design of this magnetic separator is drawn out for inline application as well as over band application, immensely used to protect machinery as well as iron contamination removal.

This over band magnetic separator are considerably large in the size and hence generates larger sized magnetic field over the conveyor belt, manifestly tramps larger amount of iron particle in a short period of time and thus ensure for the highest efficiency. Such salient features of this over band magnetic filter has made it the first choice to protect, clean and separate materials on the applications in the recycling, coal Mines , Foundries, Cement Works, food , Glass, Char Coal and quarrying industries. We provide this over band magnetic separator in various configurations and sized in order to meet your needs, whereas customized configuration of the same is also available for the same.

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This over band magnetic separator is placed in line with or perpendicular to flat or other shaped conveyor belts. So as when the material passes through the magnetic field, iron particles are drawn out of the material flow and automatically and continuously ejected. As the magnet used is of highest quality, no maintenance is required.