Function: To monitor the free flowing raw material on the conveyor containing small amount of ferrous parts and takes away if any.

Linux Magnetics care for every sized industrial segment, is apparent from its intentness to manufacture an expansive range of the magnetic plate separator to comply with need of every industry. This magnetic plate separator for in line monitoring is one of them, which is specifically designed by our shrewd team of designer to take off large sized ferrous particles from free flowing material successfully and ensure the flawless raw material that is safe to process further regardless of the worry about machine choke up or damage.

This magnetic plate separator for in line monitoring is available in different measurement to fall in with variegated requirements of different conveyors. Further, in order to ensure complete eradication of the ferrous particle, use of strong magnetic field is essential and thereby have used Neodymium magnet, a magnet that possess dexterity to seize every ferrous particle even from the farthest height. This magnet is housed with the quality assured stainless steel material that bestows long shelf life and corrosion resistance to this magnetic plate separator for in line monitoring. We recommend this magnetic plate separator for in line monitoring to catch up large sized as well as small sized ferrous particles form pole head.

Take notice:

We as a magnetic plate separator for metal manufacturersupplier and exporter make available these magnetic plates in both flat and curved shapes, which is ideal to install either above or along the passage of material flow. Further, in order to locate on the conveyor ideally, these magnetic plates are available with hinge, handle and mounting hole too.

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